Friday, July 2, 2010

I Did and I Would Again Because I Still Do

July 2nd, 1994

Small, intimate ceremony.
The post-nuptial picnic, July 4th.

Happily ever after? You betcha, even with life's usual bumps and bends.

My cousin's daughter, who was at our wedding as a young child way back when, is getting married today.

My husband's nephew, also at our wedding, also a kid back then, is getting married next year on July 2nd.

I pray with all of my heart that both of these couples grow to love each other more deeply as the years go by, with all of the twists and turns, surprises and knocks, struggles and joys that come with loving and committing eternity to another person. Those things are the seasonings of a marriage, making it rich with flavor and nuance.

I might trade some of the days we've had because let's be honest- some things just weren't fun or pretty. But if changing them meant we would be in a different place than we are now, I would go ahead and kept those days with all their spit, sweat, tears, and grit. Anyway, those days have been far between.

I wouldn't change the groom for anyone in the world.
Oh my, looking at this picture now I remember how exhausted we were. This friend's home was right across from the fire station so we had fireworks that evening to wrap up the celebration.


  1. Hey Jani,
    I would again too. This coming Monday, Aug.2nd will be 24yrs that I have been your sister-in-law!!

  2. And so happy to have you as a S-I-L but not happy to be so far apart.