Monday, July 19, 2010

Flickr Favs- Gladiolus Season

Gladiolus season is winding down in my garden and I just couldn't let it get away without sharing a few of my sweeties with you.

I never dig my bulbs up in the fall but rather just mulch them over. That seems to work in my zone 6 garden. These pink ones are the only ones I have but they are so pretty and so cooperative to come back each year, with babies along side them, that one color will do.

For now.

But for now, they sure are lovely.

So what's blooming in your garden?

If you enjoyed the mosaic at the top of the post, take a peek at all the beauties at ArtMind.


  1. Lovely mosaic! This is one of my favorite flowers!

  2. I love gladiolus too! Your photos are beautiful :)

  3. Lovely shots you took - wow!
    I love these flowers too but they are so heavy that they always bend down unless you plant lots of them together I suppose. Need to get more bulbs...

  4. i love those flowers! they are beautiful!

  5. Thank you for all the lovely comments.