Monday, July 26, 2010

Flickr Favs- Remy

He's such a good boy. I've never had a dog that I didn't like, but my daughter's Rat Terrier is a real lover boy. Just had to share.

Rat Terriers are more a type of dog than a breed, though the AKC has recognized then for performance competition. They are similar in build, temperament, and history to the mixed breed "feist". Ratties were bred for speed and were likely crossed of other small terriers such as the Manchester and Smooth Fox Terrier, as well as Whippets, Greyhounds, beagles, and Chihuahuas. This varied genetic background makes the Rat Terrier a very healthy, intelligent dog.

Frequently mistaken for Jack Russells, Rat Terriers have a less aggressive temperament and are not as high strung. They also have pretty solid couch-potato genes. When we first brought Remy home, he took one look at the couch and dove in among the pillows. He loves to rest and cuddle. Our Remy is loyal, loving, very sensitive to our emotions, and always in a happy mood. But when his "On" switch has been flipped he tears around like a small tornado.

So, Rat Terriers were originally bred for speed. To race? Nope- to hunt vermin. During the early 1900's your farm almost wasn't a farm if you didn't have a rattie or two in the barn. The reported record for most rats killed by one dog in an infested barn is 2501 rats in 7 hours. Our Remy is a sweet and lovable guy, but I've seen him transform before my eyes into a fierce and tireless maniac when a stray raccoon or possum wandered in from the field. They didn't survive.

I've also seen him on-task for hours, hoping to get his paws on a mouse that ran under the stove.

How can you not love a dog that has polka dots on his belly?

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