Friday, July 9, 2010

Cantaloupe Soup

M-m-m-m-m, juicy sweet cantaloupe, I've been waiting for you. M-m-m-m, fresh chilled cantaloupe cut into pieces and eaten with my fingers. Fruit salads, that fruit salsa thing for the grilled angle food cake, but oh.... Cantaloupe Soup.

I love this recipe that I found years ago in Susan Branch's "The Summer Book". I've fiddled with the already delicious recipe over the years and this is how I make this soup. I'm not saying it's an improvement, it's just been personalized to my taste buds.

Four ingredients-

A large ripe cantaloupe
1 cup Greek yogurt (so creamy)
        You can substitue sour cream if you wish.
3/4 cup orange juice
A few squirts of lemon or lime juice

Cut up your 'loupe and throw it into the blender along with the other ingredients. Puree. I try to avoid over-processing as I like it a bit chunky. OK- not as chunky as this picture makes it look. I had to puree some of it to make room for the rest of the cantaloupe.

If your ingredients started out cold you can eat it right away, otherwise you'll want to chill it in the 'frig for a bit because the colder the better. You can plop a dollop of yogurt on top for show if you like.
The thing about this soup is that it's so easy and that's what makes it so great on a hot steamy evening after work when you can hardly think from the heat. Throw stuff in a blender and eat it.

You see mint added to this in other recipes and it's good but my hubby doesn't like mint so we do without. I've added a splash of vanilla before and that's good too. Or toss a peach in the blender. Like I say, throw suff in the blender and eat it.


And now a word for the blender.

My old blender has been dripping lately.

There have been signs that this was coming but today it happened- while I was taste testing the Cantaloupe Soup, my blender leaked and dripped juice down into the motor. I'm pretty sure it will dry out eventually but the problem is the blade housing. Fatally cracked. An intense Internet search revealed that my blender model has been discontinued and no one, I mean no one, has replacement blades for it. So a moment of silence and remembrance please. Oh, those raspberry margaritas at the beach with the girls. All that Pesto over the years. Pineapple Smoothies. Cheese-Beer dip for the pumperknickle bread.

So--- with fond memories in tow, I'm off to court a new blender. You need to go get some cantaloupe.

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