Monday, November 29, 2010

A Question About Deer Hunting

deer hunting: the hunter
by thekevinchang via Flickr

So, being the first Monday after Thanksgiving, it's deer season here in my neck of the woods. We'll wear orange for the next couple of weeks when working outside or taking the daily walk.

SKS : Deer Season in Kansas City
by Brad Trump Photography via Flickr

I'm not really a big fan of guns. I'm not anti-gun and I understand that some folks like to shoot some target on occasion or put meat in the freezer on other occasions. Nothing wrong with that. But I've seen what happens to people when they've been shot and fully appreciate how dangerous firearms are to even a skilled shooter. Background checks and waiting periods are OK in my book. I just wish that everyone were as careful a gun owner and gun handler as my husband. Some guys are, some guys aren't. You would be very disillusioned to believe that just because someone totes an NRA card, they're necessarily safe gun owners. I can make referrals.

Wild Venison Steak Sammie
by testpatern via Flickr

But I do love me some venison. My mom makes it by cutting it into little cubes, rolling it in buttermilk, then flour, and frying it up in a pan. Mmmm, classic.

by markb120 via Flickr

All this rambling leads up to an observation and a question. As I watch my husband get his gear ready each year, I wonder.....

trail mix
by elana's pantry via Flickr

"Why, if you're going to hunt no further than 1 mile maximum from the house, do you need an entire box of power bars, a case of Gatorade, and 5 pounds of trail mix?"

He tells me to never mind. A friend tells me her husband stocks up on snackies as well. That means it's a Y-chromosome thing.

Safe hunting guys.
We love ya any way.

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