Saturday, November 20, 2010

Turkey Cookies From Outer Space. Or Some Where.

OK, yes-- I'm probably the last person in the world to see these cute little Turkey Cookies. Click on the link under the photo to go to Pillsbury's page for the instructions and recipes.

Anyway-- Zippy and I decided not to be the only people on the planet who missed the Turkey Cookie Boat so we gave it a go. Confession time- we used store bought sugar cookies instead of using the dough from Pillsbury. Sorry Pillsbury guys but time is limited and I didn't want a big flock of turkeys wandering around the house.

Even though I accidentally got gel frosting I think our little guys came out just fine.

Things were going along just fine and then our little turkeys got all Tom Selleck and grew moustaches.

Once that happened, things, um, progressed.

I ditched the legs and went spiky punk rocker.

The Zippster went all three-eyed alien.

Gloves off.

Just a couple of guys. They're certainly happy, aren't they.

Zippy's "Angry Penguin"

I named this guy Sputnick but couldn't tell you why. Of course it was an opportunity for an instant history lesson.

First satellite put into orbit, Russians, 1957. I know some of you kids are younger than I, so click here to visit NASA's history page- you'll learn all about it. We love history at our house.

Anyhoo- back to the issue at hand.......

Here we have my "Suspicious Guy" on the left and Zippy's "Saber Tooth Turkey" on the right.

After that, The Zip pretty much went for maximum sugar.
The "Bull's Eye Cookie" on the left, the "Exploding Daisy" on the right.

And the grand finale, Zippy's "Whirling Vortex of Doom".

Zippy observed that my cookies looked more calm than hers did. Guess I've already done the Whirling Vortex of Doom once in life- no need to revisit.

Silliness reigned at our house that afternoon and we had a good time giggling, which is what the whole thing was really about. Zippy looked at me, sugar crystals forming over her eyes, and said,

"I can't wait for Gingerbread Men."

Have a fun day.

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