Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What Will They Think Of Next?

I've been pretty scarce lately as life has taken on new twists and turns. Hoping to have more time and concentration for The Butterfly Jungle soon, but I simply HAD to share this video with you. Check out this incredible new product that will completely blow every other bit of similar technology off the map. I'm not kidding.

I originally came across this video on Paper Online, where it was posted from Of course I plan to get as many of these as I can afford. I bet these new devices even smell good.

In keeping with today's theme of incredible paper technology, I would like to share this lovely gal with you.


This is the Rice Paper butterfly, also known as the Paper Kite or Large Tree Nymph butterfly (Idea leuconoe) and is of Southeast Asian origin. If you visit a greenhouse or butterfly conservatory, chances are pretty good that you will meet this delicate gal. My sharing this photo with you today also serves as a foreshadowing of a future post. Won't you check back in?