Friday, December 3, 2010

Under The Weather, Just Enough

i heart twinings
by candyls via Flickr Creative Commons

OK, I'm coming- just a minute.

Why is it that we always get a bug when we're the busiest? I've been down the last couple of days or so with a strange and relentless tummy bug.

I've spent my evenings curled up under the covers with a cup of hot tea instead of working on wonderful Christmas crafty things. Not too sick to go to work or limp through the daily tasks, but just enough to lose all interest in all things Christmas. Except, I must say, for my new holiday tea.

I'm not a tea connoisseur, not even a wannabe connoisseur. I like tea in the evenings while reading in bed or when I'm cold. I have a couple of favorites and preferences (decaff, green please). Lately I've been enjoying Candy Cane Lane from Celestial Seasonings. Opening the box is such olfactory experience- definite peppermint and vanilla. Once the tea steeps for a bit you can pick up cinnamon. I'm not on anyone's payroll here. It's just a nice tea that I came across in the grocery store. Thought you might like to try it. Wondering just now how it would taste as ice tea. Hmmm-- experiment coming up. After my tummy settles a tad more.

So give me a day or two to lay around. I'm anxious to get into the Christmas spirit and join the fun. We'll make an Advent Calendar (hopefully before the big day is actually here- lol !) and a couple of other crafts. I'll also share some family traditions, Norwegian style! That means we'll eat something.

So take good care of your self during this way too busy season. Snuggle a bit, have some hot tea. And ...

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