Saturday, August 28, 2010

Things That Made Me Smile- August

It's been a busy week. No, I didn't get everything done and I worried about way too many things that are out of my control. But there were things this past week that brought a smile not just to my face but to my heart as well. Some were big things, most were small but they were each a nice little surprise to enjoy and cherish. Like a sudden butterfly.  It's good to smile, on your face and in your heart, and it's good to remember the things that make you do just that. I would like to share.

Surprises on my phone camera.

Silly Bandz
This crazy bundle of Silly Bandz on the bathroom vanity.

This really cool rope of cloud that rolled in with a storm front.

Finally making this skirt. It took me 6 months and 45 minutes.

Finally finding a dishwasher powder that would do its job! I miss phosphates.

My Brave Kid
My really brave kid.

Ostrich Sanswich
Ostrich sandwich from Cabella's.

Hummingibrd Wars
Hummingbird wars at the feeder.

New Faucet
A new faucet- I was happy with the old one but it developed a fatal crack. So a surprise kitchen update.

New Babies
The mommas and their new babies turned out into the field.

Tons of bees workin' the basil.

Sharpie Rainbow
The Sharpie display at Office Depot.

Fairy Circle
A little Fairy Circle that appeared in our yard, as if  -gasp- by magic. Could there really be fairies?

The apples starting to turn.

Mixer Beaters

kite flying
Finding this picture of my dad with his kite.

Hubby Man

The Brownies From Rising Creek Bakery
The brownies at Rising Creek Bakery.

What made you smile this week?
I would love to smile with you.


  1. Seeing my beautiful son's face, excited to see me after a couple of days apart.

    I also have surprises he's left on my camera whenever I download pictures. I hope that never stops!

  2. Wow I just love your post! Thank you for sharing!

  3. OK, I've got to know what brand the dishwasher detergent is. I haven't found one yet that I'm happy with. Please? Pretty please?

    1. Lisa- I use Finish Powerball tabs. For my location and water properties, it works the best. Yup, miss those phosphates.