Tuesday, August 10, 2010

National S'Mores Day


Yes! Another day as an excuse to eat!

It's no secret here at The Butterfly Jungle that I have a special fondness for S'Mores.

The truth is, however, I just don't have the heart or the stomach to whip up any S'Mores recipes to share with you today because there is still a good portion of the Chocolate Zucchini Bread left that I shared with you on Sunday. I really need to focus on chocolate-free vegetables this week. So instead, I'm going to share some links and pics and S'Mores stuff with you and turn you loose to explore on your own. I hope you don't mind but, incredibly, I can't make eye contact with any chocolate right now. Told you the zucchini bread-cake was rich.

Look at this cute felt S'Mores fella. Clever.

Taste of Home has a nice section of S'Mores recipes.

Rianne over at The Art of Dessert has a post about Fruit S'Mores- that makes then healthy.

Then there's the Campfire Marshmallows website, with lots of recipes and a cute kids section with jokes, puzzles, songs, even marshmallow crafts.

Not able to fire up a campfire? Like kitchen gadgets? No worries- got ya' covered with the Casa Moda S'Mores Maker or the Progressive International Microwavable S'Mores Maker. (These link to Amazon but I am not, as of the writing of this, an Amazon Associate. Maybe someday).

Marshmallows! Yum!
by dmdzine

S'Mores Christmas ornaments? Go to Flying Cloud.

Social activist T-Shirts? Zazzle has your statement.

Toys for your kids? Check out Hasbro S'Mores Pony.

S'more for me
by CeeJay
(Yea, I would like to know too.)

OK- so that about does it- I'm starting to get queasy.

Thanks for visiting today- it's been fun and sweet and disgusting.

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