Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Sommerfugl Tree and an Offer

Check out the end of the post for an offer from Amy Kirkpatrick Art.

Sommerfugl- "summerfly". Norwegian for butterfly. Maybe it's "summer bird". At any rate, we're about butterflies today, naturally. Christmas butterflies, because, well- why not? Last year I took a leap of faith and, since it was my last Christmas working on that unit, decorated one of our trees just for me.

Yup, that's right--- butterflies. But of course! One of the gals brought in this white Christmas tree a few years ago and I've been decorating it in nice traditional ways every year, though not the same every year. The only hesitation I had last year about decorating the tree with red butterflies was that I really hoped the Clerk, who could see the tree from her work spot at the Nurses Station, would like it. She has fairly traditional tastes so I wasn't sure how it would go over with her and I didn't want her to have to look at an ugly tree all season. Fortunately, she loved it. Whew! Looking at it now, a year later, there are things I would definitely change but oh well....

I wanted to go back and do something more with the topper but time got away from me so that's the way it went. I like how it came out and saw a couple folks taking photos of it so guess it was OK.

This year, because of my job change, I don't have to decorate three trees and the entire unit, plan or assist with three parties and a Christmas Eve get-together or all the other little holiday things at work. I don't even have to do anything for the Christmas lunch in the department where I work now- just show up and eat. So that's how the other half lives!!! That also means I have loads more free time for myself and my family now. I've been dreaming of this day so maybe all the commotion and job upset was worth it!

The hospital has a house (small hotel-like setting, actually) for patient families and folks getting out-patient treatments such as daily chemotherapy. They've been having a wreath-decorating contest and auction for the past few years to benefit the Patient Comfort Fund. So guess what? I entered a wreath - wow! And I entered the wreath of my own free will, not someone deciding that "the unit" should enter a wreath, which inevitably meant me. I told one of the clerks to check out the wreaths when they go on display and she will know mine the second she sees it...

Looks familiar, doesn't it? I dabbled crystal glitter glue on all of the white wingtip spots but it doesn't show well in the photo.

 had something else in mind originally but it didn't work out on the greenery wreath- needs to be styro. Again, seeing things I would change but not gonna sweat it. Maybe next year.

OK, now, the offer.
This is exciting!

Last summer, I shared this watercolor butterfly painting by Amy Kirkpatrick--

No.42 Blue Rajah Butterfly, 8x10 Signed Fine Art Print of Amy Kirkpatrick watercolor

Amy has graciously offered a discount for you, my beautiful butterfly readers. So--- just in time to buy yourself a Christmas present--- go to her Etsy store, AmyKirkpatrickArt, and use the code butterflyjungle when you check out in order to save 10% on your purchase. I had a terrible time deciding but am anxiously and impatiently awaiting my two beauties. Yes, I couldn't decide so I got two. Merry Christmas to me!

Still running slow here in the jungle but it's been so fun to play Christmas at home this year that I don't really think about much else once I get home at the end of the day. Tomorrow? Finish the tree and the outside lights. Then it's on to lefsa and cookies!!!  Thanks so much for stopping in and I'll see ya next time.


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