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It's been a busy week with a crazy work schedule and the next few weeks look about the same. Even though I didn't get to any posts or fun projects this past week, I did manage to uncover some treasure.

black opal, diamonds and rubies set in gold brooch
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I recently saw a collection of photos of the spaces where people blog. My first reaction to the group of photos as a whole was, with all due respect, "Yea, right. And before you cleaned up to take the pic?" Anyway, I looked around my spot here and thought that maybe I don't need so much stuff in random piles on the desk. And the floor. And the piano stool. And the ... well, you get the idea. So I finally got around to tackling the big ol' former computer hutch that now warehouses my stuff. I'm sure it will be a blog post someday- when I'm done- and it really isn't the point here. The point is, that's where I found the treasures.

They were behind a row of manuals and books, tucked neatly away (OK, at least something was neat) for safekeeping. Most items were in a couple boxes, some were just stacked there as though they were completely without value.

The first box used to hold colostomy bags. I know, I don't have a colostomy but it was a nice sturdy box at the time and it was what I needed. It's traveled many miles over the years and it showing it's wear and tear. But what about the treasures?

My diary, circa the middle school years. That's my daughter's age now and it was a nice flashback that refreshed my thinking about having a Tween in the house. It contains all the important information about which boys were cute, which teachers were ridunkulous, who had a crush on whom..... you know, important stuff.

I could share a page with you but then I would have to kill ya.

Next came The Bundle, the stack of letters from my first love. No, there's no ribbon embracing them and no, I didn't read them. This fine man has since passed away and it's just too bitter-sweet. I love my husband without reservation but you know how it is- your first love has that special place.

Next up- a Marine Band harmonica. I think it started out as my brother's but in a big family things float around. And yes, just for the record, I did play it and yes, I can still rip it up. Well, Oh Susanna, at least.

Last in the box, this magazine photo a dear friend gave to me. We were full of teenage angst and this picture somehow seemed so meaningful and significant to us. I'm still in touch with this friend and cherish her deeply. Now we have middle-life angst.

So on to the next box and a whole new and different phase of life.

A plain white cigar style school box. Probably from a craft store. And the loot?

The little hat the hospital gave us to keep my girl's noggin' warm her first days of life on the outside.

And the shirt.

A sweet tiny little locket my mom got for my daughter on her first Christmas "because every girl should have a locket."

This precious sun hat with Lilly-of-the-Valley embroidered on the brim.

This precious tiny book, illustrated by Michel Bernstein, that I got for my girl. Each left-hand page is text, each right-hand page is a darling illustration. I'm not a sweet-sy kind of gal but this was too precious to resist. The text reads:

Child of the moon, child of the sun,
child of a lifetime of laughter and fun...
Whispers so soft, fingers so tight,
butterfly kisses, lullabies light.
Cherished traditions, memories unfurled,
miniature friends in a growing up world.
Family surrounding, home filled with love,
Heavenly blessing sent down from above.
Learning to listen, learning to care,
learning to give, and especially to share.
Hope for the future, dreams coming true,
beautiful baby,
beautiful you.

 Gulp, sniffle, sigh.


My grandpa used to be a rock hound and we have several pieces of jewelry that he made from his finds. This turquoise baby bracelet is his handiwork and if I'm remembering correctly, he made one for each of us girls.


This was my favorite bracelet when I was a kid. It's very inexpensive and is missing two sets of the "pearl" tassels. I used to sit in church and move the tassels around on the chain. No wonder they have gone missing. I remember feeling so sophisticated wearing this because cameos, after all, are classic.

My daughter and I used to read three things at bed time: a story book, a Bible story, and So Many Bunnies.
We used to have it memorized and would recite it in the car on our long commute:

1 was named Able, he slept on the table,
2 was named Blair, she slept in a chair,
3 was named Carol, she slept in a barrel.

All the way to Zed on the shed.

And finally- oddly- in amongst the baby memories, a couple of my band medals. My East Texas high school band wore wool, military style band uniforms. Yes, they were incredibly hot on those muggy evenings but they sure looked neat with rows of medals pinned to the front, with all the different colored ribbons and the clinking medals....  I was a pretty good trumpet player in my day and had a few medals but these are all I seem to have left.

So it was fun to look through all of the newly discovered treasures, reminisce a bit, sigh some, giggle to myself, read So Many Bunnies.

Then I drove to the school to pick up my best and silliest treasure.

It's been very fun reminscing with you today.

Have you found any treasures lately?
Won't you share their story?

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