Saturday, September 25, 2010

Autumn Things and a Craft

Well, it has begun. I noticed the first changing colors about two weeks ago. We've had a pretty dry summer so I'm not sure how our colors will be this year but no need to panic as here in my Zone 6 neck of the woods our peek colors are usually not until mid-October.

Last year's colors were simply fantastic. All the elements were just right- plenty of rain, cool nights, and warm sunny days.

I have this scenario in my mind. I imagine somebody sitting on their back patio one fall day basking in the beauty of autumn sunshine and color. Maybe some maple leaves blew past and caught on the leg of their chair. Maybe this person picked up some leaves and turned them over in their hands, noting the colors, the texture, and, if it was me, even the smell. Perhaps our observer friend was struck by the symmetry of the maple leaf and folded it in half, just to see. Then a fold in another direction, then another. Then an idea began to come together as our nature observer looked out over the late season garden at the crinkled and fading blossoms. Next thing you know...

... a beautiful maple leaf rose bouquet. It could have happened that way. Jump over to for a peak at how you can make these lovely roses. Can't you just imagine them on a beautiful Thanksgiving table?

Early Autumn
by rogiro via Flickr
 I have to make a confession. I just haven't felt like blogging the past couple of weeks. Well, that's not so much true either. I have lots of ideas and topics I would love to share with you but school started again and we've also been having adventures. Unfortunately, not the fun kind. We have house maintenance issues, work schedule issues, crowded calendar issues. We have elderly pet issues and disappointing change of plan issues. So there's been a great deal of hub-bub and very little time.

Growing Up Alone
by Clay Carson via Flickr

So when I have the chance, I've been holing up alone with a book. OK, that's pretty normal for me, but somehow lately it's more of an escape need than a pleasure pursuit. Usually when I go upstairs for the night to read, I tell my family, "I'm off to so-and-so" depending upon what I've got my nose in: China's shooting of Tibetan refugees in the Himalayas, a Cambodian girl's escape from slavery, history of the Vikings, Marco Polo's travels on the silk road, life in an English village in 1066, explorations on the Amazonian River basin.... oh there's so much to learn about.

I'm reading Sea of Glory by Nathaniel Philbrick about the United States Exploring Expedition during the mid-1800's. It was America's voyage of discovery and the Ex. Ex. opened up the Pacific more than any other exploration. It's fascinating American history and a great escape. Tonight we sail into the Fiji Islands after several grueling weeks along the Antarctic coast.

So go see the beautiful maple leaf rose tutorial and I'll meet you back here in a couple of days.

And what will you be reading tonight?

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