Friday, July 29, 2011

Music All Around Us- Guitar Strings

SSSSssshhh -just listen !! by jodimuli
Photo by Joey DiMuli via 365 Project

I've been coming across all kinds of music videos and posts lately about unexpected places we find or are inspired to create music, unusual interpretations or use of music, and just raw musical talent, both in plain view and hidden in surprising places/people.

Photo via Piano Playing Info

I took piano for years and while I'm slowly descending further and further into "out of practice", I still like to plink away at the keyboard when no one's listening. I've even been known to sing, though the comments and accompaniments in the background have become rather cacophnous as the dog population in our house has increased.

Photo via Life With Dogs

But I grew in a home with music, thanks to the interests and genetic gifts of my parents, and though I myself have only a fraction of their musical talents, I have just enough to know what I'm lacking. So when I come across incredible and unexpected music, be it quirky, cute, or glorious, I feel a deep appreciation for the gift of music. Thought I would share some of those encounters with you from time to time because there is, after all, music all around us.

Image via Barcelona Photoblog

Image via West Virginia Old Time Musicians

Image via Photo Mish Net

Photo by Andrew Rogers via Daily Sentinel

Photo by Brittany Randolph via Flickr

Sometimes it's the actual music that amazes- either the composition or the talent of the performer, sometimes the effects of music. Sometimes it's the attempts at music, or maybe it's what music is actually doing right in front of our eyes and ears that we can't see or don't notice that is captivating. The video below is an example of music, or in this case the musical instrument, doing what we know it does but we are able to see it from a new perspective. Hope you enjoy.

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