Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Scary Cat at Our House


She's the Alpha Dog at our house.
Aloof but loving under her own terms.
She can rub against our legs.
When she feels like it.

Sometimes we can pet her-
on the head, behind the ears, but not the back.
Sometimes she lets me pet her all the way down her tail,
giving it a little twirl,
but she better be in front of a full bowl of food when I do.

Always maintain eye contact with her,
so you can see that split second burst of light
right before she turns around and slashes you.

Sexy psycho serial killer.
No mouse too small,
no dog too big, no bird too fast.
Queen of the Coyotes.

Thirteen years of living outside
has made her slick and wily.
Her fur is thick and rich.
We're all little afraid of her and
approach her with deference and respect.
And caution.

Smudgie the Cat.
Our Alpha Dog.

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