Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's Candy Corn Season! Yippee!

I try to eat healthy. I really do. But I have a sweet tooth that just about busts out of my head, so it can be difficult at times. And candy corn- oh momma. Yes, these can make your teeth hurt if you eat more than five or six. There are very few things that I can't somehow manage to jam into a food group in order to justify eating it but candy corn is one of those things. Having a bag of candy corn in the house is like having a sleeping bear in my bed- if I open that bag, there's a good chance the candy corn will come out of hibernation and devour me.That's what it looks like anyway when my entire head is in the bag.

So I refrain. Until I see this---

Food Network- click this link for their recipe.

Isn't it pretty? So I made a couple versions of my own. That's right, two, not one.

The bottom yellow layer of the dessert on the left is lemon jello with pineapple. I really don't care for canned pineapple, which you have to use when adding to jello, so it's probably way better to use fresh pineapple and nix the jello. The bottom layer of the dessert on the right is lemon pudding, a fast and easy stand in to lemon curd. Be sure to use good quality mandarin oranges from a jar as the canned ones taste, well... canned. The recipe from Food Network calls for briefly marinating the oranges in orange liqueur, which I'm sure is yummy, but I wanted to be able to offer this to my kid when I was done. And please pardon the droopy whipped topping- it was close to 95 degrees in my kitchen the day I took these pictures.

So, if you make this with fruit, candy corn is good for you. Eureka!!


  1. I love it and it looks absolutely delish!

  2. Love that it's a healthy, yet still fun option that the kids will love as well!

  3. Like this idea. Might try this at one of our parties.

  4. How cute! I plan to try it.