Sunday, August 21, 2011

Starfish Suncatchers

Sorry about the wonky colors and photos in this post. I just couldn't get them right.

Every now and then I get on a Shrinky Dinks kick and I must be entering one of those phases now because I keep thinking of ways to fool around with Shrinky Dinks. I came up with this Star Fish Sun Catcher after seeing a post about star fish. This project was originally made for The Creativity Greenhouse, my other blog (because I like make myself insane by trying to keep up with two blogs) and you can click on over there to get the tutorial and all the discussion. Y'all know I get chatty so there are a good many hints and suggestions for working with the Shrinky Dinks. There are also some templates you can download for free to use with this project.

The only difference between this sun catcher and the one made by the tutorial on The Creativity Greenhouse is that the pieces of this one are joined together by jump rings instead of simply strung together with dental floss. Yes, I said dental floss. It's way easier to use dental floss for kids or folks who may not be able to work with the tiny little jumps rings and the tools. But do use beads that have some sparkle or an AB coating on them to get a bit of twinkle going. So go over to The Creativity Greenhouse and take a peek at the tutorial, grab the free templates if you would like, and fire up the oven.

I worked on this project during the height of our heat wave with all that terrible humidity. And as we live in an antique farmhouse, we don't have air conditioning. I was up at 2:00am a couple of times so I could fire up the oven without giving myself heat stroke. My family thought I was nuts but like I said, I'm entering a Shrinky Dink manic phase. Expect more.

Thanks for fluttering past today-- I'm always so grateful for each visitor to the jungle. This is a short post today and mainly re-directs you elsewhere but it's been a busy back-to-school week around here. Trying to get into the routine again, which means 4:30am. I could just stay up and craft!!!

See ya next time.

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  1. Beautiful craft I love the beach theme that will remind of summer even when it is long gone.