Friday, February 18, 2011

Signs of Spring

Well, so far 2011 has been crazy! Beginning in January, I was sick with a respiratory infection, then a sinus infection, then a gastro-intestinal malady that was so horrific we aren't even going to go into details. I didn't realize how physically bad I felt until last week when I finally seemed to have regained most of my vigor. It feels so good to feel good that not even the last bit of that chest crushing cough can get me down.

But the past two weeks have been so busy that I hardly know what day it is. Not only are there all of those chores that went undone in January to catch up on, work has been mad-hectic. Patients coming and going like Grand Central Station, projects with my name on them waiting quietly on the corner of my desk, and late nights trying to catch up. Also, our church has a big Missions Conference every February so I've been working on costumes and flags for our Parade of Nations extravaganza on the 27th. I hope to share more about the costumes with you at some point in the future but don't make me promise.

So here it is- the second half of February already and we finally have a break from all of that insane snow and bitter cold. I start looking for my crocus this time of year and I think  must have started searching for them earlier than usual because it feels as though I've been hunting for them forever but they were nowhere to be found.

Until this morning.

Just one, hiding down in the sedum of my rain garden. One tiny little crocus. So far. But have you ever seen such a fabulous shade of yellow?

We all have our own signs of spring that tell us the gray and cold of winter will soon be over. I travel the Interstate every day and when I see tractor-trailers hauling big giant shrink-wrapped boats, I know it's coming. And when the neighbors drive past and see me laying in the yard on my stomach with my camera aimed at a tiny speck of lime green, lemon yellow, or a bulging bulb, they too know it's coming. Spring, my friends, is coming.

As we begin to wind up with winter, let me ask you, "What's your sign?" Of spring, that is.


  1. D'you know, this reminds me of colourful fish or frogs or snails- a wonderful bright spark where you least expect it. Marvellous!

  2. And that is so exactly what The Butterfly Jungle is all about-- those moments of fun and surprise when you say, "Oh look!" Thanks for your comment.