Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh Look- A Snowflake!

by Gwen<3you via Flickr Creative Commons
 We've had snow most of this past week. Nothing like last year's relentless battering, just a scrubby snow. Daily, steady, maybe an inch of accumulation before it blows away.

If you haven't gotten any snow, go to the Get Flurrious website. I love those online snowflake sites but this one is my latest favorite. The site was created as a fundraiser for UNICEF with a goal of $10,000. According to Get Flurrious, they reached their goal and then some. As a thank-you, the ad agency that created the site made it available to the public.

by stormbirdstudio via Flickr Creative Commons

If there is a way to save your flakes to your computer, I haven't found it so I can't share any of mine with you. If you go to Get Flurrious and click on "Let It Snow" in the upper right corner, maybe one of mine will float past.

Snowflake on my jacket
by AlexRK via Flickr Creative Commons

If you need some down time to let your mind wander from its worries, go to Get Flurrious and create your own squall of creativity. Have fun!

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