Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

We have a nice Thanksgiving meal each year where I work and these pics are of last year's centerpiece. We used five square tables lined up so it looks like a long banquet table. These pictures aren't the best as they were taken with my iphone.

I spray painted some of those foam craft pumpkins from the Dollar Tree silver and cut out some "thankful" phrases from heavy silvery paper using my CriCut.

I borrowed some pheasant feathers from the feather bouquet I had made for my kid's jungle-themed bedroom.

I guess there could be pheasants in the jungle, running around with the parrots. Sure, why not.

I layered lime green tissue paper inside some plain ol' terra cotta pots and added lime green and brown-ish artificial flowers. Some flattened clear glass marbles, also from the Dollar Tree, add a bit of sparkle (since I couldn't actually glue glitter to anything).

I used the white table cloth under the runners to make the centerpiece float separately from the brown-covered tables. The lilies opened up to the nicest creamy ivory with just a bit of lime green. I'm not a table designer but I really liked the color combinations here- sort of a hunting lodge look without being overburdened by dead animal pelts, antlers, and all that rust-colored decor.

Looking at it now I see some things I would change but there's always next year.

Wait, is that this year?

Oh, in that case

Happy Thanksgiving!

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