Saturday, October 23, 2010

A New Project To Think About- Amen Sister!!

Our church has been in the midst of a remodeling project this summer. New platform, choir risers, walnut paneling, stonework, audio-visual.... the works. New carpet is the next big thing to happen, beginning this week. But in order to put in new carpet, you have to unbolt and remove all the pews. And if you're taking out the pews, may as well go with new seating too. That means ....

... a mini pew for Chrysalis to play with! Yippee!

Zippy couldn't wait to demonstrate. Since it was a front row pew, it has the hymnal rack in front under the seat ...

... and the hymnal rack/communion cup holder on the back. Cool.

So the question is, what to do with it. We know it will need to be reupholstered and there are some minor finish issues. We don't know what the wood under the upholstery might be or if it is best kept covered. No biggie -  it is thirty years old, though our 200 year old house makes it look like modern art. I would still love to score an old pew with the neat-o carving along the ends but this particular pew is kind of special as it's the one our pastor sat in all those years. So we'll make it work.

Our philosophy on this sort of thing is to live with it for awhile (and apparently crawl under it) and see how it goes. When we bought our house, we were so gung-ho to get the remodelling under way that we made some choices that don't necessarily fit with our house. So we've learned to slow down and just see how things develop, to let the ideas ripen. Maybe that's our code for "I'm so sick of working on this house I could scream" but whatever gets you through the day.

Plus my tastes are changing from sweet pink chabby chic cottage (note the hanging quilt behind the pew and the floral rug) to something, oh, less of that and more understated. In my mind I hope that it's sophisticated but then that would be presumptuous on my unsophisticated self's part.

So I looked around to see what folks are doing with church pews.

Scherer's Furniture
Um, no.

Well, I can always get excited about more room for books but am not necessarily leaning towards a bed in the foyer.

House To Home
Cute, but no eating in the foyer.

Four Sisters In A Cottage
Really sweet and pink and floral and cottage-y: all the things I like but moving in a different direction. But it is sweet.

Apartment Therapy
Yes, this is very pretty and serene. Me likey.

Colorado Cowgirls
Cowhide. Hmmm. Again, not really the look I was hoping to achieve. But interesting.

So while our new-to-us mini pew stews in its juices in the front parlor, I would love to hear your ideas. Come on sisters, let's talk colors and fabric and paints and stains and pillows.

Can I get an Amen?

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