Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mega- Mallows

There I was, minding my own business at the grocery store and WHAM!!! Giant Roasters Marshmallows!
I cannot believe the size of these marshmallows! We like to keep a stash of marshmallows on hand at our house because we'll light up a campfire just about any ol' time. We're also pretty big S'Mores fans, even though I usually max out after one. But I definitely meant to buy marshmallows. I just had no idea what was waiting.

These puppies are way bigger than regular marshmallows.

Sorry that I didn't actually open the package but we don't have air conditioning in our big ol' farmhouse and as we're in the middle of a stretch of particularly humid weather, well .... you know how marshmallows will get after awhile in an open bag. Not that an open bag stays full of marshmallows for very long at our house.

When we make S'Mores, we snap the rectangle of graham crackers in half so that a square of graham will nicely hold some chocolate and a marshmallow.

Not so for these guys. Not only does the package recommend an entire rectangle of graham crackers, it also takes only
one marshmallow
and an entire chocolate bar.

I love S'Mores in almost every variety but
that's just crazy.

The funny part is the marshmallow camper guy on the package. He looks a little embarrased by his size and a bit frightened in the face of all that sugar.

Just like I'm going to look the next time we fire up a campfire and drag out these fellas.

I will go for the jumbo S'Mores but I'll only have one.

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