Saturday, June 16, 2012

Terra Cotta Drink Coasters, Again

I mentioned in my last post, the drink coasters made from clay saucers, that I had made the coasters without painting them. I finally found the photos (three cameras, each one usually has a portion of each post) so here it is...

This saucer is smaller, about 3 inches, and has a shallow, wider slope than the other saucers I had. I just glued a scrapbook paper insert in the middle, outlined the insert with a Sharpie pen, and sealed the whole thing with the same polycrylic I used on the coasters. Just a reminder to check the depth of the saucers against what you'll be using them for. I have some saucers that have rather deep sides and for most coffee mugs, they are too deep because the handle on the mug hits the sides of the saucer and the mug doesn't sit totally flat on the saucer.

And there it is- a little ring dish to keep by the sink, because as we learned in our birthstone posts, it's generally best to remove your rings when doing anything other than sitting around looking fabulous in your jewels.

OK- that's it for today. Keep checking in at the jungle because I have a very special post coming up to share with y'all. I'm so excited! I'll give you a hint: ethnic needlework and a loved one.

Learning our ABC's with today's butterfly picture:

Image via Butterfly Alphabet.
At this site you can order custom names, saying, or symbols using images from butterfly wings. So cool!

See ya next time.

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