Thursday, March 1, 2012


Grateful for Dr. W and health insurance. Grateful for all of the family and friends who keep my Zippy in their prayers. Grateful for a fabulous husband who is a big helpless teddy bear when it comes to our kiddo. Grateful for all of God's provisions for my little family.

Grateful for my Zippy and her take-it-all in-stride spirit as we've traveled this road. She made a brave decision, knowing from past experience, how she would feel for the next few days. Such a mature decision that took in the big picture considerations, the long-run perspective. She doesn't complain but accepts that this is how things are for her. She winced a tiny bit when we took the bandages off and then asked if we had any baked beans. Life moves on for her and she takes it all in stride. She's happy anyway.

I'm praying this is the last time we do this. But regardless of the outcome, I am grateful for the chance and grateful that it will all work out for His glory in the long run.

And I'm grateful for such a wonderful child. No, such a wonderful young lady.

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