Thursday, October 27, 2011

Terra Cotta Goodie Pumpkins

OK, so I was a bit pre-mature with my last post when I stated that it was my token, thereby meaning "only", Halloween post. Just wanted to quickly share these little pumpkin goodie "bags" I made to take to work on Monday for our little staff shin-dig. These are made with the two smallest terra cotta clay pots- 1 1/2" and 2 1/2". Paint them orange and black or use chalkboard paint, which I did with these. You could use regular black paint and decorate with the silver metallic sharpie if you wanted to but the chalkboard paint is so much fun!

I laid green tissue paper over the top and added candy corn (mmm...), encouraging the weight of the candy to pull the tissue down into the pot, which lets you fit the bundle to the size of the pot better, meaning it fits better in the pot than making a bundle and then trying to cram it into the pot. Which really means you can fit in more candy corn! Tie up the top with curly ribbon and there you go.

I don't remember since I already had the tiny little pots but they cost something like 25 cents. Easy and cheap.

So if you need something to put by place settings or give out to co-workers, easy easy.

So that's it for today- see ya next time.

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