Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's A Butterfly Birthday!

Image via Wordlicious

The Butterfly Jungle is one year old today! Wow- that hardly seems possible. I had hoped to have a nice birthday cake recipe to share with some really neat chocolate lace butterflies I found but life gets busy and suddenly I slapped myself on the forehead and exclaimed, "Oh, man! Tomorrow's the birthday."

So I'm simply not going to sweat it. We'll catch up later, because even though we suddenly have triglyceride issues at my house, sometimes you just gotta have simple carbohydrates. Can I get an "A-men"?

Monarch Butterfly Transformation Cupcake Tower
Image via The Cupcake Blog

This past year has been a blast! It's been a hoot to learn some of the neat little tricks of blogging and to create and share posts on a variety of subjects.  The Butterfly Jungle is about celebrating life's sudden and unexpected joys, the neat little things that make up the days. Click on the About-Expecting Butterflies tab at the top of the page to read more. More importantly, I've loved meeting a bunch of great folks and gazing into their creative minds.

Image by Mr T in DC via Flickr

I've also shared a couple sad events from the past year as well. But I believe that the joys and the sorrows mix well together to give life a rich, complex bouquet. Like the fruit salsa that goes with the grilled angel food cake, life has sweetness as well as fire and together they make for a deep and delicious experience. It's the big picture that counts and the big picture is made up of tiny little dots and strokes, a vast palate of colors, and more textures than we ever imagined.

Image via haha.nu

So Happy Birthday to The Jungle and thanks for sharing the past year with me, all of you wonder butterflies who visit here.

Image via Emma's Cakes


  1. Thanks so much. You've been a faithful reader and commentor (is that a real word?) and I sure do appreciate it.

  2. I am so, so sorry i missed your blogging birthday. As usual, I am behind but the good news is I am no longer because my entire reader is lost and in starting from scratch, I am getting all caught up!

    So Happy Birthday to you and I am looking forward to many, many, many more. I enjoy your blog so very much and you do such a fabulous job with it.