Friday, September 3, 2010

Big Gas Beans

Sunday Picnic
By Su-Lin via Flickr Creative Commons

Labor Day, the unofficial last weekend of summer, is almost upon us. Here's our chance to throw that last big cookout before fall starts to nudge in on our warm weather fun. I had to get the very lovely picnic photo above from Flickr (why don't my picnics look that cute?) as it turns out that the only cookout photos I have document last spring's demise of our wedding present grill.

Ah-h, good times... good times...

Did you know that it is possible to can tomato juice and cook a turkey on a grill? When we first moved into our house, we worked on the kitchen remodel for "several" months. The grill was our temporary cooking appliance. Since then, we've continued to give her a work-out and grill year round, even in the snow. Needless to say that after 15 years of heavy use, it was good to see her go out in flames of glory. The tricky part was getting the propane tank unhooked before total annihilation of the back patio. Daddy got a new grill for Father's Day last year.
Anyway, time to get the grill fired up for this weekend's festivities with all the usual grillin' suspects. Also on the menu, baked beans. But oh, not just any beans.

Big Gas Beans
Big Gas Beans.

Not to be consumed in close proximity to exploding grills. Well, truth is, I don't know if these beans are any more gaseous than the next- I think it's us. Too much info? At any rate, this is a very unscientific recipe as I have never measured the ingredients. I use the same bean proportions but the rest of the ingredients are added "free style."


The beans:
28 ounce can of baked beans (I use vegetarian)
15 ounce can of black beans
15 ounce can of dark kidney beans

Drain the beans but don't rinse them.

In a pan that will eventually accommodate all of the ingredients, cook the black beans first. Add to the black beans:


Picante Sauce (it really should be Pace brand 'cause, you know, yummy)- about 3 tablespoons
Cumin- oh, say 2 teaspoons
Cilantro leaves- 3 teaspoons, but fresh is way better than dried
Onions (not shown)- dried, minced or fresh- I like bunches so just go by what looks right to you


Once the black beans are nice and hot, add the kidney beans and the baked beans plus-

BBQ sauce of your choice- oh, maybe 1/3 cup
Mustard- a squirt
Molasses- 1 tablespoon
Hickory seasoning Liquid Smoke- 1 teaspoon
Brown sugar (not pictured above, sorry)- 1 tablespoon

I know the amounts are vague- it looks sort of like this in the pan---


Cook it all up until everything is heated thoroughly.


And just so you know--- Big Gas Beans are excellent served on a nice whole wheat bun. Equally yummy- served cold on a bun the next day. That's what kind of folks we are.

Hey- have a great weekend and keep an eye on the grill.

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