Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Outing My Whovian Self

Well, guess I'm going to come out of the closet, err, Tardis, with this post but we are really stupid huge goofy Doctor Who geeks at my house. The Fandom runs deep around here. Even Big 'Un is nerdy- mainly because he thinks that Daleks are one of the Greatest. Things. Ever. He thinks we should "Exterminate" everything: Exterminate the lady bugs, exterminate the heat, exterminate the lawn mowing, exterminate the ice cream (which means eat it all). Honestly, it gets kind of old with him yelling "Exterminate" in his best (and very good) Dalek voice all the time. It is, of course, only a matter of time before we have some sort of Tardis replica at our house, sort of a Yard Tardis, if you will.

A life sized Dalek would score me some huge "honey points".

Plans to build my own Tardis? No problem. There's a PDF to be had for this from Relative Dimensions or any one of "a few" that will turn up with an Internet search.

Tardis Builders

Even my Zippy is a FanGirl. We've not decided which incarnation is our favorite Doctor Who since they all sort of grow on you but she did spend some time with her drawing pad the other day.

Not bad for a kid who has only recently decided that she loves to draw. OK, yes, I sort of gave her no choice but to take Art as an elective last year, but the kicking and screaming soon subsided and she has really begun to get in the flow. She carries her drawing stuff with her everywhere. She's just too creative a kid in so many ways not to take an art class in order to enhance other types of creativity.We've "done art" around here all of her life but she didn't think she was creative- this from the kid who has modified her swingset to the point where it is now a landmark when giving directions. "If you go past the house with the monstrous technicolor swingset sporting a wind vane and a mothra flag, you've gone too far." Seriously.


Doctor Eleven (above) is just plain ol' goofy fun. He's like the goofy kid we were embarrased to be friends with in high school until you realized that he's just a great guy. Nine (below) was dark and intense and sexy in an edgy, dangerous way...


But Ten? He's cute and hysterical and menacing and goofy and sincere, just like all the others really, but then you hear David Tennant's natural Scottish accent (for those of us who don't hear it most days) and suddenly  you find yourself obsessed with men in kilts.

Slim and a little bit foxy .....

It is the following video that has caused me to out myself as a goofball Doctor Who fan. Truthfully, Zippy-Gal and I have been having a blast with our new found freedom to roll around in the uninhibited expression of our geekiness. We were hesitant at first, back when geeks were, you know- geeky, and then we were shy about appearing to be jumping on the Geek Bandwagon. It's not such a bad thing after all, to fly the Geek Flag out front of the house.

What are you a geek about? I would love for you to share and we'll jump up and down together, clapping our hands and squealing like teenagers.

... sigh ...

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