Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oh Look- Peonies!

We are finally getting some spring weather, though the early part of this week was more like full-on summer. But hey- I'm not complaining. The pool is full, the rain has stopped- along with the thunder, lightning, hail and 60 mile-a-hour winds- and the peonies are all decked out in their ruffles and petticoats.

There were plenty of flowers in our yard when we bought the house fifteen years ago but they were mostly all sprinkled about the yard, not in actual flower beds, so that my husband had to mow around each one. We set about right away corralling all the free-range plantings into beds.

One of these days I'll tell you the story about making these sidewalks.

All of the plants are a vibrant pink except for one, which is a beautiful white with pink and fuchsia highlights. It also has the nicest aroma.

We gave away about five humungo clumps of peonies and split the rest between the new beds. There is one last free-ranger at the end of the sidewalk by the road. It looks nice there but I'm not sure how many more times it can take being run over as we back down the sidewalk to unload groceries, gravel, lumber, or whatever the haul-of-the-day happens to be.

We'll probably re-do the beds around the back of the house next year as part of a yard overhaul. It's been fifteen years now and things are beginning to crowd and overgrow, we've planted a few trees and have shade now in places that we didn't have way back when so it's time to spruce up. But the peonies, with their girly ruffled skirts and sweet scent, will definitely be part of the new plan.

Some of these photos are kind of grainy- my apologies. They are from scanned photos.

So anyway, go out in your yard today see what's blooming. Have a good one!


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