Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day

May 1st is May Day! I'm not talking about the politicized holiday of organized labor and not even so much the pre-Christian, neo-pagan, Celtic, or Druid festivals. No, I'm talking about just silly dancing and being happy that it looks like spring may actually happen. We've had a pretty rough April weather-wise and I'm hoping and praying that things settle down.

Image via Birmingham St. George's Association

I can remember making paper baskets as a kid in Casper, Wyoming, filling them with flowers, and sneaking off to the neighbors' houses. We would hang the baskets on the front door, ring the bell (the ONLY time children were allowed to do that), and run away to hide some place where we could watch the recipient's surprise. I only remember dancing around the May Pole once and that was during a phys ed class in first grade.

Image by Jippolito via Flickr

But somehow the sound of "May Day" is pleasing to the ear and the soul. It makes me think of polka music on the accordian, skipping, and laughing. It makes one smile and think of getting out in the sun and the garden. I'm not going to do a big ol' dissertation on May Day- I'm just going to share some pictures and wish you all a Happy May Day and encourage you to get outside for some fresh air and sunshine. And be sure to skip and laugh some too.

Image via Skip To My Lou Includes a tutorial for the baskets.

Image via Homeschooling Happy Honeybee. Includes tutorial on making these flowers.

Image by Frank Gruber via Flickr

Photo by Will Merydith via Flickr

Happy Spring!

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  1. Beautiful photos and round up. I am hoping to work on a little May day craft with my girls today.