Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oh Look- A Strandbeest

I have decided that Engineers are really cool people. Dream it up, figure it out, and make it- even if it's outrageous. When you throw in a good helping of creativity and a wild imagination, iced with the sweet frosting of passion, well, you get Theo Jansen...

Theo Jansen and a Strandbeest
by JulianBleecker via Flickr

... and his Strandbeests.

Animaris Umerus - Part 2 from Alexander Schlichter on Vimeo.

Must. Watch. Video.

The skeletons of these animals, as Mr. Jansen considers them, are made of plastic pipe and tubing. They are wind-powered and are even able to store wind-energy in the plastic bottles you see along their spine. When the pressure, which is built up by the fins, or feathers, reaches that magical number, it is released from the bottles and pumped out into the "body" of the beast and generates movement. Well, that's my simplistic understanding of it anyway.



You want one, don't you? We want one! Hop over to Instructables by clicking here where you can find directions to build a small motor-powered K'nex.

OK, that's it today- just wanted to share this with you.
Now my kid and I are off to gather the parts.

Have a great Saturday!

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