Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday

We had a birthday around here last week. Our kid busted into the Tweens with all the flair and gusto with which she normally does anything. No, I can't believe we're at eleven already and I wonder what I've been doing for the past eleven years. Just trying to keep up, I guess.

by [ Leah ]

My husband and I travelled the fertility treatment road and when we got to the end of that road, we decided to sit at the intersection for awhile and rest. Rest, heal, cry a little bit if we needed to, and see what God wanted us to do next.

And then, beyond all scientific explanation, there she was- a miracle and a blessing neither one of us thought we deserved. To me, this precious child is a demonstration of both God's grace and His mercy.

I don't have any profound insights into parenting. It's been such a different trip than I ever imagined, with valleys to climb out of and hilltops from which to enjoy the view. Always more hilltops. I'm still amazed at how suddenly you fall in love with someone you've just met. You start out together, total strangers, and as you get aquainted that sudden love takes on incredible depth and richness and passion.

How is it that I can love my child so much? I believe that because God so desperately wants relationship with us, He builds into us a huge capacity for love. We are made in His image and our ability to love is a reflection of His image, of His love for us. That capacity to love doesn't grow out of the primordial soup. It is planted in us in order to respond to His love for us. That the ability to love spills out to others is like, well, frosting on the cake.

What do we do with birthday cake? We share it. Likewise, we share God's love with those around us, we reflect that love, we spread that love, because He has given us that capacity. Because He loves us.

And has blessed us.

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