Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The View Out Back

Well I finished it. I say "finished" because I have decided not to work on it any more. It should be painfully clear by the photos that I'm not a painter. No, I inherited only enough creativity from my mom to know how much I lack. But we have this great view down into the hollow from the back of our house and only two skinny windows. So I've been working on this big thing to mimic what we might see if we had a picture window. I originally wanted to do a portrait of our house, looking from the opposite direction. I had gone over on the hill one morning a few years back and taken a couple nice photos of our house. I have long thought of painting from one of the pics but alas my talents weren't up for the job. Some day I'll talk an artist friend into doing it for me.

So in the meantime we're stuck with my version of a morning view of the hollow with the fog settled in nicely. I sure wish I could have done better justice because looking at this view in the morning has become a kind of preoccupation of mine. We have most defintely been blessed with the setting of our home.

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